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At the Ubuntu brainstorm website I posted this idea:

It ‘s about creating a website for the Ubuntu Community where people can place temporally advertisements for things a team needs(new team leader, programmer for upstart) and infinite ads(bug triager, MOTU member). They should also of course explain how to get the ‘job’.

I was thinking who should get access to the posting functionality. Only team management? Or also people who’ve started a new project(like the Launchpad KDE Client)? What I suggest is to create different categories for every team. Only the team management of a certain team can post in their category. And one other category for new projects.

This rises the question how to get the data of the teams. I’m not familiar with the Launchpad API(does there even exist one) for teams. I think it would be the best idea to use OpenID and request the teams from Launchpad to check to what team they should get management access. But does Launchpad already support that?

Anyway, another thing that should be addressed is how it should be written. PHP or Python? And should an already existing platform be used to base it on or something completely new? I suggest to use an already existing piece of software and adapt it to our needs.

However, the idea has just got 35 ideas at the moment, so more are needed. Please vote for the idea and leave some feedback!

(PS: I posted exact the same post at Ubuntuforums.org, but I’d like to get as much feedback and attention as possible. ;))

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