5-a-day and some other stuff

I’ve been active in Ubuntu Bug Triaging again lately. I’ve rejoined the BugSquad and applied for the BugControl team. I’m waiting for the reaction of bdmurray to my application email and in the meantime I’m traiging bugs, working on Project Paragon and looking for ways to have my data accessible also when I’m at my fathers home.

One thing I did very soon after joining the BugSquad was joining te 5-a-day team. It was started by Daniel Holbach and like the name already says, the goal is to do five bugs at least every day. This ‘doing’ can be confirming, triaging, fixing or marking the bug upstream. Look here for more information. You subscribe to the 5-a-day LP team and make sure your SSH key is added to your LP profile. After that you have to download and install the five-a-day CLI program, add your launchpad username to a file in your homedir, and when you’ve done something to a bug type add-5-a-day <bugnumber> <bugnumber> … . Stats can be found here. There is a also an applet, which makes this much easier.
Have also a look at its page in the Ubuntu Wiki: 5-A-Day. It contains some useful information and tips.

The program I’m using to synchronise is Conduit. It’s a HIG compliant(at least I think it looks like ;)), good-looking and easy-to-use program which lets you select the sources for the data and the destination. Two-way synchronization is also possible. I use a memorystick to place the data on. When I’m at the other computer I execute the synchronization command of the Conduit copy installed at that computer and I’ve got my files where I want them. You can even copy your GConf settings!
I’ve been looking for a while though how to select the destiny though. However, that turned out to be very simple. You can do it by dragging a data provider to the empty place at the right of a group. But I have to say that it isn’t that stable, but of course it’s still beta(current version is 0.3.8).
It is packaged at GetDeb: Conduit.

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