A few notes on Ubuntu Wanted before another holiday

Yes, that’s right. I’m off again for another holiday. This time it’s two weeks, rather than one, and it’s abroad. We’re going to a camp site near Paris in the first week and to a camp site at the edge of a lake in Southern Bavaria. We will depart tomorrow, early in the morning.

Since desktops aren’t that easy to take with you in your luggage, I won’t be reachable during those two weeks, apart for the lucky few that happen to know my cellphone number.

While planning this post I suddenly realized that maybe this post doesn’t have that much use. I’m not as much a part of the community anymore like I used to be. Not that I played a very important role or did a lot, but I did more for Ubuntu that I do now. Most of my contributions consist of bug reporting and an occasional suggestion or patch.

However, I would like to do more for Ubuntu. Maybe I should start working on Ubuntu Wanted again. When I’m back I’ll reconsider the project. Current options are: completely abandon the project, continue work on the current code and my favourite: examine the posibility of extending Launchpad to do what Ubuntu Wanted was ought to do.

Some of the changes to Launchpad could be:

  • Extend profiles to include personal skills, both given by the user and measured on an Ohloh kind of way
  • Extend team applying for moderated teams, e.g. to require certain skills, provide details about the application procedure and more
  • Allow teams and people to create tasks and to assign them to projects, like the way branches already work

There is obviously much more that can be done , e.g. I didn’t include the mentoring system for example, but I will have a closer look on the possibilities and problems when I return. Meanwhile, if you have suggestions, please leave a comment. However, please refrain from spamming since I won’t be there to check if Askiment fails to filter everything.

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  1. I think Ubuntu Wanted should be and should have always been about jobs surrounding Ubuntu, not about or have to do specifically with the development of Ubuntu, although that could be a part of it.

    I don’t think integrating Ubuntu Wanted (completely) is the best solution, although you could use it, github and all those other online repositories for source code reviews and stats.

    What I do think would work and is needed is a project that enables jobs to be created and searched that require the use of Ubuntu: server administration, graphic design with inkscape and gimp, proprietary coding for a company like Dreamworks and everything else of the like. This includes actually programming for software that is included in Ubuntu and Ubuntu-specific code. This is where Intel, IBM, Canonical, Nokia, etc. could pick their potential programmers. But I stress, the site should NOT be all about programmers. There are too many websites that are all about programmers. Ubuntu needs a crutch for those who use Ubuntu but may not specifically develop it.

    If anything is to be developed off of Launchpad, I think it should be MSDN-like documentation.

    This is also where Ubuntu could make call-outs to graphics artists for backgrounds etc. So some jobs may be voluntary, some may be paid and some may even be full-time positions looking to get filled.

    Ubuntu’s community would grow exponentially with a well-groomed and well-maintained website like that.

    1. This suggestion has been raised very often earlier. Although it shows there certainly is a demand for such a site, we’ve — or actually: mostly I’ve — always made clear that this is not the purpose of Ubuntu Wanted.
      What we wanted is a place that makes it easy for Ubuntu Community members/teams to find people when they need people and for people looking for something to do for Ubuntu to find something to do for Ubuntu.

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