A fresh install

Maybe you do it to. Every once in a whole you make a clean install of your OS and start again. All programs that you didn’t need, all non-working work-arounds and all files you copied somewhere to are now gone. I like it.
I couldn’t wait until I would get a CD of Hardy Heron and decided to make a fresh install using the gutsy livecd. But I didn’t want to have the remainings of gutsy. So I installed the debootstrap version of hardy(to have the hardy install script) and installed a base system on my freshly formatted partitions. After that I installed the kernel, ubuntu-standard and ubuntu-desktop using schroot. I needed to edit some files and that should work. But editing the files had taken already a very long time and I wanted my computer back. But it was bedtime, school would be waiting next day.
That next day is today and when I started the computer GRUB gave an unknown error. After trying for a bit I gave up and installed gutsy from the livecd using the oem-installer, I wanted to try that tool too.
Everything worked fine, but the oem configurator used the steps numbering the installer uses. The whole configurator is actually the first part of the installer. But that does mean that it can work a bit confusing for new users. Anyway, it worked and now the update to hardy (gksu ‘update-manager -c -d’) is almost finished. After that I need to reinstall all my programs. A fresh install doesn’t come free. 😉

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