A list of my names

Yay! The chain of blog posts about the names used for computers has also reached our lovely Planet Ubuntu Users! I couldn’t resist either, so here are my names:

  • nott My main computer, a convential desktop system. ItShe’s named after Nótt, the Norse goddess of the night.
  • nott-vm The latest version of Ubuntu, virtualised with the help of libvirt. Rarely used.
  • nott-server A virtualised Ubuntu server, the only one of the two virtual machines I’ve got installed that doesn’t have access to the network.
  • delling My BlackBerry, named after Delling. It is said he was the father of Dagr and the husband of Nott. Not a very distinctive god. I also recall he was the god of twillight, but that’s not very clear either.
  • dagr My father’s computer is named after the Norse god of day: Dagr. He is the son of Nott and Delling, which doesn’t make much sense, actuallly.
  • Sense The name of the person controlling all those devices. A boy named after his grandfather, who is named after his grandfather. He is the 6th Sense in the family. The name derives from ‘sint’, which is Dutch for saint. Sint -> Sent -> Sens(e).
    It is not pronounced the same way as the English word. Written in phonetic symbols you get this: /”sensɜː”/.

The following jokes have already been made, do not use them again:

  • “My/Your parrents made Sense.”
  • “Sense makes sense!”
  • “Sense doesn’t make sense!”
  • “Who made that?” “That made Sense.”

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  1. Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at blackhatbootcamp.com/listofwordpressblogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

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