A request to freedesktop.org

I’ve files a bug at freedesktop: #15877

“Oh really? How speciall…”

It’s indeed a bit more special than a not working device. I suggested to move to Launchpad. Why? Because I think Launchpad is much better than Bugzilla. One of the main reasons is Launchpads(or actually Malones) Bug Watches. A project like freedesktop.org is used in almost every Linux distro and beyond. There are a lot of different bug reports in a lot of different bug trackers filed against packages maintained by this wonderful(yes, it’s an amazing project). Launchpad is capable of keeping track of all those reports. And I’ve always found that Bugzilla isn’t a very good set out bug tracker. It’s just not very clear and you press very easily the wrong button. Anyway, I’ve explained myself detailed enough in the bug report.

One thing I did find that Launchpad misses is the option to add different programs and versions to the bug tracker, something Bugzilla does have. So I submitted an idea to Brainstorm:
. Please vote for it.

And yes, maybe I am lazy. I just find it much easier if I can just add a freedesktop task to a bugreport instead of filing it upstream. But I also think that Freedesktop and its users can profite a lot from moving to Launchpad. So I really hope they’ll do it.

(Forgive the use of the ‘ubuntu’ tag. I know it doesn’t have much to do with Ubuntu, but I just wanted to reach the readers of Planet Ubuntu Users. 😉 It can have a lot of positive effects on Ubuntu, so it will surely affect it.)

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  1. No apologies necessary for use of “ubuntu” on this one. Anything mildly tech related usually gets tagged as Ubuntu for me. Keep blogging. Welcome to the planet.

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