A week away: social work placement

Maybe you wondered where I was last week. I didn’t seem to respond much to mails or very slowly. I’m sorry for this and I know I should have told you before.

Since a year or two it’s mandatory in the Netherlands for all students at the secondary school to do a social work placement(maatschappelijke stage). This means they should work at a company or organisation that is a kind of social, like schools or companies involved in health care. It lasts one week and needs to be done sufficent, which is determined from the logbook everyone needs. It’s part of the so called action part(handelingsdeel) of the school exam — which makes up 50% of the overal mark, together with the central written exam. The action part doesn’t use marks, but instead you have to do it sufficent.

I worked for a week at two locations of Talant — a company that provides work and living for the mentally disabled. I decided to help here because I already know a bit about this since both my parents work for the same company. But there’s still a lot you can’t get to know from occasional visits. Another reason was that since my father is the manager of those two locations I could stay for a week with him; normally I’m just at his place every second weekend.

Altogether it was a great week. It was completely different from school. You have to think very different and constantly be aware that the level of each ‘client’ is different. The group of people working there(both employees and clients) are very nice people and I’ve found it a great experience.

I did take my computer with me because I found one week without my data a bit too much. However, apart from the weekend it turned out that there was little time left to check mail. The computer didn’t get booted at all days. Currently I’m reading and answering my mail and I hope I didn’t miss anything important.

Again, my apologizes for the delay.

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