Active again

I’m finally able to do some computer work this weekend! All the big things are over now, so I can concentrate a bit more on things I should concentrate on. I’m going to try to finish triaging the bugs that are currently on my list and create a basic new layout for the website of school. And Project Paragon certainly deserves some love, I haven’t done anything at it for way too long already. Fortunately it will be holiday soon. About one week and a half normal school to go! We’re going to Turkey with my father and to Limburg with my mother, which means I’m for weeks away from a computer. However, after that I’ve still got 3 left and in the weeks before the summer holiday we mostly don’t do much and are free earlier so I’ll still have a lot of free time! I’ve also decided that I’m going back to Ubuntu anyway after this weekend(I’m at my father’s this weeked), because I noticed that I can’t work really good and fast at Windows, it’s not secure and I do miss Ubuntu. I just hope I can get an Ethernet-card working, I can install the OS at an IDE harddisk, if I need to access data still at the SATA harddisk I can always boot Windows(Although I just have 15 days left, after that I’ll have to activate it, which i can’t.)

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