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Stefano Forenza started a meme that could end up being very interesting for the composers of distributions and (potential) developers of opensource project.

In the meme [Meme] Apps Guerrilla he asks his readers to write in short about their opinions on desktop applications. Here it comes:

  • Answer the following questions with less than 50 words each (mind, only desktop/gui applications):
    1. Which desktop manager do you use more often ?
    2. Which desktop application you would not like to see implemented again on Linux? And why?
    3. Which desktop application you definitely would like to see implemented on Linux? Describe it briefly or point out to a similar application.
    4. Write the name of the last project (not the very best, the last!) that made you wish to thank their developers so you can thank them now! :-)
    5. (optional) Link the blogs of 1-3 people you’d like to take part to this meme. (no more than three). You can skip this question if you like.
  • Post your answers along with this instructions.

My answers:

  1. I’m using GNOME with Compiz Fusion.
  2. Music player; there are already a lot of music players, it would be better to focus on improving the existing ones rather than starting yet another project
  3. I think that the Linux desktop needs a program capable of synchronizing your data with all your devices and profiles. It’s a shame that there — as far as I’m aware of — no synchronization programs included for an opensource OS like Android. Conduit is too limited and doesn’t support all things that could possible be synchronized. What I’d like is total desktop synchronization.
  4. Like many others I would like to thank the developers of GNOME Do, especially for the Docky theme. It really makes my life a lot easier! Thanks!
  5. I’m linking to: DkySven, nand, MadsRH

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  1. “support all things that could possible be synchronized” – hmm, that is huge request. Conduit currently supports all those things I use that can be synchronised, unfortunately I am but one developer.

    If anyone wants to see Conduit support more things, patches are welcome…

  2. It’s indeed very hard to create a fully complete synchronisation program supporting all kinds of hard- and software if you’re alone.
    I already like Conduit and the interface is intuitive and easy to use — I think any distro should extend this program if they want to have a desktop sync application rather than creating something new from the scratch — but tighter integration with the desktop and support for more applications with would make the program a lot better. For that to succeed you’re going to need a more developers. Currently it needs some love on some aspects.
    I don’t have time to contribute to all opensource projects I like, unfortunately, so I’ll keep on yelling well-meant advices from the sideline while trying to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

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