Archiving my youthful ignorance

My teenage years were for a large part spent online, in the Ubuntu community. This website, under changing domain names, covered most of this period. I published my first blog post on 25 December 2006, when I was still 13 years old. I have always been an eager participant in whatever debate I find, and during these years I did just that. Being still a child that did not even know how to write properly in English—or in Dutch, for that matter—not all of what I wrote stands the test of time, or was even outstanding at the time of publication. Some of it merely serves to chronicle mistakes I made.

Therefore, I have been tempted to remove everything before a certain cut-off date and that would probably be very helpful in making sure that I would not be haunted by these things in the future. However, I have decided not to do so. Instead, I have moved everything to a single category with this warning on top.

Whatever I have written before is kept for archiving purposes. My statistics show that certain posts still help people looking for information. I do not want to break links. I do want to remark, though, that whatever I wrote in the past does not necessarily reflect my current opinion. I have grown and I have changed. I hope that you will keep that in mind while reading the musings of a teenager.

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