Asus Asus EN9600GT + Asus M2NPV-VM = no signal

After my birthday(which was yesterday) I discovered that I had a lot of money. I’ve always wanted to upgrade my system, my graphicscard is an onboard Geforce 6150 and I’ve just got 1GB DDR2 RAM.
This morning I decided to buy an Asus EN9600GT with 512MB DDR3 RAM. Later on I wanted to buy more memory with the remaining money.

But after I plugged it into my motherboard(an Asus M2NPV-VM) and connected all the cables, which costed me 1(of 2) PCI slot(blocked by the fan), two power connectors for disk-drives/IDE harddisks(goodbye and one blocked IDE input I was ready to try it. But when I connected my monitor it told me that it didn’t get a signal. Whatever I tried, no matter how good I looked into the BIOS(where I couldn’t find any option that made it work), it still didn’t give any signal. So I had to bring it back. Fortunately I got my money back, but now I don’t have this new card!

I think it was caused by this: the card I bought uses PCI Express 2.0, but my motherboard has one PCIe x16 slot, and supports just PCI Express 1. Officially PCIe 2.0 should be backwards compatible, but there are a lot of reports of several cases where it didn’t work.

I’ve posted this message to warn you and to ask you for help. I still want to buy a new graphics card, but I’m afraid that in order to get the 9600GT working I need to buy a new motherboard. But when I do that I’ll have to save again before I can get new RAM. Do you think that I forgot something? Is there a magical hidden switch in the BIOS? Did you have the same problem? Do you want to say something comforting to me? (:P)

Thank you in advance for possible answers.

(I’ve posted the same post at Ubuntuforums:

Update: I’ve found out that, although ‘they’ say that PCIe(short for PCI Express) 2.0 should be backwards compatible with PCIe 1.0 and 1.1, it almost never works with 1.0 and not mostly, but not always, with 1.1.
I’ve already reordered the card but now with a new motherboard( and a new power supply( so I can keep my second DVD player. But the motherboard just contains one IDE socket, so I have to dump my second harddisk or one DVD player. I’m still doubting which too choose.

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  1. Thanks for that info i recently had the exact same problem i thought i was going crazy when i took my new graphics card back to the shop and they told me it worked fine when i couldn’t get a signal out of it, i have got the exact same mobo as u and i bought a 9600gt looks like ill just have to get a new mobo, thanks for your help

  2. I have this same problem too. eVGA 9600 GSO + ASUS M2NPV-VM.

    It worked for a month, then turns non signal. The card works on my roommate’s Dell XPS 400, and his 8500 works on my motherboard.

  3. All Asus M2NPV-VM seem to have problems using PCI-E graphics cards. I have two of these boards, and none of the display adapters I have work with them (work fine on other boards). Sometimes I get one working, but it doesn’t last long. You might try upgrading/downgrading BIOS and resetting it but I recommend a new motherboard.

  4. I also have an Asus M2NPV-VM and wanted a better video card for 2 DVI outputs. I am using the Asus EN9600GT without issues…it is working great.

    Until now when I tried to install a pci modem (for fax purposes). I tried 2 different pci modems and it starts up and boots to windows (I can hear the startup sound), but no video!

    In the bios I have PCI-E as the preferred video hardware. Ugh…

  5. I had the same card with the same problem. I took it back to retailer, found that there is a power plug on the end of the card which must be connected. Unfortunately my power supply did not have the required feed, but a simple adapter worked. All ok now. Hope this helps those who have the same problem.

    1. I am maybe quite late on this thread but, Ade, is this connector a 2-pin one? Because there is a 2-pin connector on my non-starting PCIe card but I am not sure if it is for power supply. The booklet says “connect a 4-pin 5v/12v power plug from the power supply, for specific cards only”, but the connector on the card is 2-pin. (?)

  6. My friend has the same problem but much worse! His pc can’t even show any graphic at all.Not even the Bios.Even my spare GeForce 7500le graphic card does’nt
    help.No nothing.

  7. I resolved the problem with my M2NPV-VM motherboard and MSI GeForce 9400 GT PCIE x16 video card. As best as I can remember, here are the steps that I took.

    1. In the BIOS setup, set Primary Display Adapter = Onboard
    2. Start Windows and reduce the Windows display resolution to 800×600
    3. Power off
    4. Install the video card
    5. Plug a second VGA-only monitor into the video card’s VGA, leaving DVI from the first monitor connected to the onboard video’s DVI. Note: this step is crucial, because the BIOS doesn’t seem to detect the video card unless a monitor is connected to it, and switching a single monitor back and forth doesn’t seem to work.
    6. Reboot
    7. In the BIOS setup, set Advanced | Chipset | Both C51i GPU and PCIE VGA On = Enabled. Note: I don’t think that this option appears until the video card is installed and detected.
    8. Start Windows
    9. In Windows, go to Device Manager and make sure that video adapter is present
    10. Reboot
    11. In the BIOS, set Primary Display Adapter = PCIE
    12. Startup Windows
    13. Switch the DVI connector to the video card – it should display on the DVI monitor
    14. Reset the screen resolution
    15. Reboot and make sure that the video card displays the boot sequence and Windows startup

    1. Has anyone tried Jim’s two monitor solution with success?

      I am considering replacing my ageing Radeon X1600 on an Asus M2NPV-VM mainboard with a GeForce GT 240.

      Benchmarks show that it has lower temperature and power consumption than Radeon HD 4650, the other GPU I had also been considering.

  8. i had my pc with my m2npv-vm
    hooked up and all
    to my 42 inch lg
    a little time ago
    i dismounted the complete dasboard and hooked it up with another 512 mb working memory
    and it sad
    no signal
    whatever i did it still did that
    pleaseee help

      1. i removed teh new storage and placed the old one back into thel place where it was connected the first tiime
        it,s connected with a vga onboard
        i just need it working for a month
        cause i,m about to buy the
        asus crosshair iv formula:D(great thing)
        does anyone now if that motherboard ha,s a vga port onboard

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