Automatic system cleaning

I’ve posted a new idea:

It’s about keeping track of your system and cleaning it every once in a while. All files that aren’t registered, except user data, will be removed. I’ve explained this quite detailed in the idea, so please read it to get a better idea of the idea. 😉

I hope it can be created at all, since the idea sounds quite complex to me, but there are already some programs around that have similar functionality. Maybe they can borrow code from that.

Something that probably can’t be used as a base, since it uses transcripts to keep track of the files that need to be monitored, while I suggested to use the .deb files themselves, but that did give me the idea is Radmind. It’s a piece of software we’re using to manage the iMac lab in at school, which is used for graphics. Our system administrator is afraid of anything that isn’t made in Redmond, or supported by the company from that place, so the pupils that work on the school website also manage the iMacs. Radmind makes sure that all systems are identical and makes it easier to deploy updates and software. It’s a really nice tool and OpenSource! It has a client for Windows(beta), Mac and Linux and the server is available for Mac and Linux. You install one client and create a negative and positive transcript. A negative transscript is used to make sure certain directories exist and have the right permissions. E.g. your home directory and system specific settings. A positive transcript is used to make sure files have the same content. After you’ve created those two transcripts, uploaded them to the server, accept them and add them to the control file(Unfortunately, only the Mac server has a GUI for this, Linux not even a CLI tool.) and you can run the Radmind Update functionality on every client. Now all clients will be the same. All clients can be the master client. If you install new software you have to make a new transcript file. If you forgot to that, the changes will be reverted next update. The new transcript file will only contain the things that changed between the current situation and the last transcript file. It has to be accepted again.

OK, lets go back to Brainstorm. It has been updated lately( Assigning ideas to projects, tags, and user contact ) and now supports, like the title already says, tags, user contact and my favourite: assigning to projects. Under the small text in the top of an idea you’ll now see other small text telling you to which project this idea is assigned. This allows further categorization and makes it easier for project managers to find ideas concerning them.

By the way, I’ve got one reaction at my post about my departure from the BugControl team! I decided to not approve it, though. Ibod Catooga was kind enough to let me know that all Asians hate me advised me to uninstall Linux and hang myself. Unfortunately for Mr/Mrs Catooga I’m not going to do the such a thing. I’m not sure if all Asians hate me, though.

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