On request of Jorge Castro I’ve defined a few bug tags for use with several transitioning projects related to Ayatana.

The two new tags are ‘app-menu‘ and ‘trayaway‘. The first one is for problems that show up in applications when the Application Menu is enabled. Currently there are no bugs using that tag. The second tag is for the Notification Area transition; some applications still refer to the tray in their settings and dialogues, but that should be removed once the tray is gone as well.

Indicator Application

Another tag we’ve been using last cycle was ‘indicator-application‘, for bugs related to the Application Indicators. At first the tag was mostly used for applications that needed to be ported to Application Indicators — the tag still gives you a nice list if you want to do some work — but later in the cycle bug reports about issues with the implementation of Application Indicators in the users also ended up on this list.


I would like to ask everyone at the two lists to use the tags when necessary. But only when necessary, because if we want to make sure the list of bugs under a certain tag remains usable we need to tag with care.

This means: don’t tag bugs reported against the packages of the projects themselves; i.e. don’t tag bug reports reported against the ‘indicator-application’ package with ‘indicator-application’. The tags are purely for issues with those projects in other packages.

Helping out

The tags are a great opportunity for those of you that want to help out with Ubuntu’s desktop experience. Most of the issues you’ll find with these tags are not too hard to fix and would be a great way of getting to know the Ubuntu platform by contributing to the cool stuff. There are still a lot of  applications listed at the overview page of the ‘indicator-application‘ tag that need to be adapted to use an Application Indicator. But once we’re a bit further in the Maverick cycle the other tags will also give you quick access to some bite-size tasks. Fixing those will make a real difference on the desktop!

The complete list of Ayatana tags can be found at the BugSquad’s tag list on the Ubuntu wiki. Please update the wiki page if you start using a new tag.

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