Back from France and Germany

Yesterday at about 19.15 we returned home after a two week holiday in Île-de-France and Bavaria.

We mostly went to France to see Paris and Versailles. Next to two trips to Paris — including the Louvre, free for citizens of the European Union under 26 and everyone  under 18, €9,- for adults — and one to Versailles — huge, but I like the Louvre better — we also went to see Fontainebleau, with its huge Château de Fontainebleau, though less large than the Louvre and Versailles.
Paris is a beautiful city and the public transparent. It’s far easier to go to a train station outside the city, but within Île-de-France and take the train to the city than to park your car in the centre. When travelling through Paris by car you won’t reach the maximum speed often.

Because two weeks of Paris would be a bit too much we went to Southern Bavaria as well. This region is quite different from Paris’s region. It’s a lot more mountaineous and the traffic is less dense. We went to see the famous castle Neuschwanstein for the second time — it was still worth it — and the cities of Lindau — a nice town at the shore of the Bodensee — and to the busy and clogged city of Munich. If you’re in the Alps I also recommend to go a day on a hike in the mountains, the view is beautiful.

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