Back from holiday – II

I’m now finally back from holiday! I’ve had two great weeks in Limburg – and read a lot of books – but I’m glad I’m home. Four weeks away from home is a lot and you miss a lot of things in the internet communities your active in. I’m now reading my unread emails(when I got home it were about 250, now around 240) and reading comments and discussions that I missed. I think I’ll be completely back and available tomorrow, but the website of Project Paragon will get the most attention, since that should have been finished a lot earlier(bad, bad me) and I’ve put a deadline for myself; I want to have it finished by August the 13th.

Some other great news(at least for me) is that I’ve (or actually the kernel developers) got my new motherboard working. Like I said in Back to old motherboard, I was back to my old Asus M2NPV-VM. However, since I knew that there had been at least one HDD driver update in the kernel since 2.6.24-16, which is shipped on the 8.04 LiveCDs, I promised myself to try again after the two weeks in Limburg. The last update to 2.6.24-20 just arrived before I got home and the changelog looked large, so I had some hope. And yes, it did work after I swapped the motherboard! So now I’m a bit faster with a bit better sound quality and a lot better graphics! Now all I need to do is close the bugs I reported about problems with the motherboard and test the graphics!

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