Banshee 1.9 (future 2.0) with DAAP music sharing

It has been more than two years since I’ve published a post about DAAP music sharing with Banshee 1.4. Judging from my site’s statistics, that still is a very popular piece. However, things have changed a bit since November 2008, so I think that it is time for an update, even more now awesome Banshee is the default media player in Ubuntu.

You should still keep in mind that Banshee does not have a DAAP server of its own. Its DAAP plugin can only consume shared music. One thing that may have been added since 1.4, though I’m not sure on this, is the possibility to connect to remote DAAP servers. Go to ‘Media->Add Remote DAAP Server’, enter the domain name or the IP address of the server, make sure the server port is correct, and press OK.

DAAP servers on your local network should be detected automatically. How do you set up such a server? In my post from 2008 I recommended Tangerine. However, apart from a fix to the menu shortcut in January this year, there has been no active development on it since August 2009. The project seems pretty dead.

However, the only other DAAP server I can find in the Software Centre on the Ubuntu 11.04 alpha release, is ‘mt-daapd’. Its description says it is part of the Firefly Media Server, but according to Wikipedia the latest release of that project comes from 2008. The website mentioned in the description does no longer exist.

What alternative do we have? It seems that we have none but to stick with Tangerine. On my system it worked, and I am running the Ubuntu 11.04 alpha, so new software versions don’t seem to have broken things.

Setting Tangerine up

Tangerine Media Sharing
My Tangerine settings

First install the ‘tangerine‘ package, either by searching for it in the Software Centre, or by looking the package up in Synaptic. Tangerine will automatically start when you log in, all you need to do is configure it properly. Launch ‘Tangerine Media Sharing’, either by searching for it in Unity’s Applications place, or from—if you’re using GNOME 2.x—’System->Preferences->Tangerine Media Sharing’, and set it up to take its songs from Banshee. You might want to compare your settings to mine on the right. The Tangerine service starts right away when you enable music sharing in the settings.

Banshee’s DAAP extension is enabled by default, so it should show up automatically as soon as Tangerine is started. However, it seems that currently it crashes/freezes when Tangerine is started while Banshee is running. Restart Banshee and everything will be fine. I have been able to share my music without any problems.

(Note: it seems that for now the MPRIS extension is causing problems for Banshee in Ubuntu 11.04 alpha. When playback won’t start, disable that extension, restart Banshee—since it will have frozen—and try again. This will break Sound Menu integration, though.)

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  1. Is iTunes as DAAP server also supported? So far i know still now not, because of (nasty) use of some unknown keys….
    Rhythmbox has also a DAAP-plugin. So i guess it will also work, but i didn't test it already.

    1. I've tested it with iTunes, and it seems that unfortunately Banshee won't pick-up music shared by iTunes. Though you could verify your network settings to make sure that your router really doesn't block the traffic.
      However, I can play music shared with Tangerine in iTunes, it works that way around.

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