Big change for the Project Paragon website

Maybe you already know that I’m also active for Project Paragon. My role there is playing the webdeveloper and a reason why I’m not always very fast with replying at bug reports is that I’m currently working on a new website. The current is not very dynamic, although it is written in PHP, so my task was to create something where the template is separated from the code behind it all and that’s easy to manage and extend.

After a lot of work and learning we’ve finally decided to dump the bugged home-brew code in favour of an option that makes integration with the community forums a lot easier. After a suggestion from Phuein, our new 3D modeller, we’ve decided to use phpBB3Portal in combination with the great phpBB forum software. Currently I’m testing and working on it at my own computer, but before the deadline I’ve put myself(August the 13th) it should be working at our main .com site. I’m now looking for some good webdesign tutorials, since creating webgraphics is not something I’ve really done before. I’ve only created some reasonable, basic cellpics. However, the websites of games require something more fancy.

Phuein also created a nice YouTube channel where we can post videos. Currently there are just some testcase videos, but keep an eye on it, maybe it will contain something nice in the future!

As always we still need looking for people willing to help us. Are you a C#/Mono programmer, artist or do you think your special ability will help us? Please come to #projectparagon @ freenode or have a look at the Project Paragon development forums!

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