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I recently moved this blog to a subdomain and placed a boring static HTML page at the top-level domain to make space for other website parts. However, the other parts never came and I wasn’t really happy with the new situation. Now I’m back at and thanks to Stefano I figured out how to create a 301 redirect with .htaccess for by adding this to the .htaccess file in it’s directory:

RewriteEngine         on
RewriteCond       %{HTTP_HOST}                 ^ubuntero\.qense\.nl$
RewriteRule         ^(.*)$1 [R=301,L]

Easy, isn’t it? Now the search engine won’t get lost and on top of that I’ve got my authority at Technorati back to 15!

Content updates and action against creationism propaganda

Next to updating the current theme Minifrom version 1.07 to 1.1 I also updated the sidebar and added a page. Now you can see my FriendFeed at I did that to give a clearer overview of that and also to empty the sidebar a bit.
New in the sidebar is a Text widget containing buttons of things I support. One of them is in Dutch, so I’ll explain it to you.

Recently a believer of the creationism ideology created a leaflet about his beliefs together with some other Christian organisation. It is the year of Darwin and he thought it would be at the right time to have such an action now. A little bit more than 6 million families are going to get the leaflet which propagandises outdated denials of scientific discoveries.

You can read it at the website of the man: After I read it I felt slightly insulted because it portrays people who acknowledge scientific proves for Darwin’s theories as heartless beings, unable to feel compassion. I’m not a heartless person! However, it also amused me since most arguments are showing childish reasoning, something seen more often at people denying Darwin’s theories. Somehow they choose to not hear the overwhelming arguments and pick emotions as arguments.

Something I hear people like the writer of the leaflet say often: “But it can’t be that such a complex thing was just a coincidence!” Well, a traffic incident can also turn out to be very complex. Furthermore reasoning with ‘it can’t be’ arguments isn’t really scientific.

The button is pointing to a website that calls for returning the leaflet to the sender in case you got it. I think it’s a good thing to let the writer know we don’t want his uncontructive work that doesn’t only insult Darwin’s ‘believers’ — were you ever asked if you ‘believed’ Newton’s theories about the gravity? —  but also the human possibility for reasoning.

If you’re Dutch, spread the news!

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