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While I was browsing Ubuntu Brainstorm I found a great idea. Biehl suggested to socialize bug triaging a bit and use the data gathered from hwtest to improve bug reports.

This is what he said:
“Bug-tracking/triaging is part of the social foundation of free software. However this aspect is not implemented efficiently at this time. Therefore I suggest:

Since I submit my information to hwtest and popcon anyway, this information might as well be used. I suggest

1) That I can click a box and be mailed (with some selectable probablity) when a new bug is submitted by someone with the same hardware, and for a program that I also have installed. Then I can help trying to reproduce the bug.

2) That I can keep a list of people who helped me solving my bugs, and be automatically notified (with a selectable probability) when they submit a new bug – so that I can see if I can help them back.

More advanced suggestion are

3) That I can make a prioritized list of programs that I want to be notified for new bugs in – with a probability determined by a value selected by me and modified by the goodness of match of hardware of and ‘friendness’ (see 1) and 2).

4) That company (I’m thinking of Dell of course, maybe Intel, AMD, Acer?) representatives are engaged in this scheme, and can help organize and drive the social bug-tracking around their hardware.


I like this idea. If you’d have to give your Launchpad ID while running hwtest and the program would send the data to Launchpad and attach it to your profile you could easily gather statistics about hardware and find out if the bug that’s bugging you is already reported, saving us, the bug triagers, a lot of work. I think this can increase the number of bugs fixed and triaged and can also reduce the ammount of duplicates. And if we can get the hardware manufacturors to compete with each other about how few bugs they all have reported concerning their hardware I think this can we really good for the whole of Ubuntu!

So therefore, vote for this idea!

(A downside is that it’s probably an awful lot of work. It requires changes in hwtest, launchpad and probably the creation of a new program. Maybe worth a bounty?
To get the hardware manufacturors interested we need to get their attention. But how on earth can Linux do that?)

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