Archiving my youthful ignorance

My teenage years were for a large part spent online, in the Ubuntu community. This website, under changing domain names, covered most of this period. I published my first blog post on 25 December 2006, when I was still 13 years old. I have always been an eager participant in whatever debate I find, and during these […]

White People Slap: unconscious discrimination

Ever since I’ve returned from China, I have been itching to leave again and go to any of the big three countries in East-Asia, be it Korea, Japan or China. It has also made me think about the views I hold and the way I perceive the world. You see, I come from a small […]

Vernieuwde website, nieuw nut

Een tijdje geleden beloofde ik dat ik mijn website zou vernieuwen. Het was inderdaad hoog tijd om er iets aan te doen; mijn blog was zowel qua uiterlijk als qua inhoud steeds meer aan het achterlopen. De code is beschikbaar onder de GPLv2-licentie op GitHub: zie voor de details. Ik hoop dat dit nu opgelost […]

Updating the website

It has been over a year since I’ve written anything and a lot has changed in the meantime. First of all, as those of you who follow me on Twitter might have noticed, I am no longer studying Computing Science, but have switched to International Relations and International Organization. I am now almost finished with […]

New affiliation: job as PHP Developer

Last week I started at Vevida, a hosting company, as part-time PHP Developer. It is my responsibility to look after the website. I’m looking forward to continuously improving it and making sure it serves our customers well. Alongside working, I’m also still reading Computer Science. So I will be a lot busier from now on! […]

Draaiboek verkiezingen Ubuntu Nederland

Op verzoek van de gemeenschapsraad van Ubuntu Nederland heb ik een draaiboek geschreven voor de verkiezingen van een nieuwe gemeenschapsraad. Ik heb geprobeerd om te het proces zo duidelijk mogelijk te beschrijven. Als je nog vragen of opmerkingen hebt, reageer op dit bericht, of stuur een mailtje. Download: Draaiboek verkiezingen Ubuntu Nederland

Just For Learning: an online classroom from Ubuntu Nederland

Since it is almost that time of the year again when the Ubuntu Developer Week will start, I would like to introduce you to nice tool developed by a team in the Dutch Ubuntu community: Just For Learning. Very much like the well-known desktop application, Lernid, the goal of Just For Learning is to make […]

WordPress site design for amateurs: great results with child themes

A few months ago my site received a much needed overhaul. I updated the structure and looks and went crazy on Googly Web 2.0 mark-up stuff. Considering I am not a webdesigner, I am quite pleased with the result. There are probably many more non-designers like me, also looking to build their own personalised WordPress […]

How to flash your Samsung Galaxy S II Android phone on Ubuntu

Have you got one of those nifty Samsung Galaxy S II phones? Thanks to its Android operating system it works great together with Ubuntu out of the box. But what if you want to root it or use a custom MOD? For Windows there is ODIN to flash firmware, but what do you use on […]

Details uitslag tussentijdse verkiezingen Ubuntu Nederland

Zoals beloofd nu wat getallen over de tussentijdse verkiezingen van Ubuntu Nederland. Het is leuk om te lezen, maar ook belangrijk voor het uitoefenen van controle over de gang van zaken! De uitslag was als volgt: Sense Egbert Hofstede:    34 punten, 51% van het puntentotaal wandarooze:                        23 punten, 34% van het puntentotaal femke86:                                    9 punten, […]