Changes to the One Hundred Paper Cuts project for the Natty cycle

As you may have noticed from Ivanka Majic’s article on the Canonical Design blog asking for contributors to the One Hundred Paper Cuts project, we are running it again this cycle. We will try to fix as many nuisances in the Ubuntu desktop as possible.

During the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, Florida, we discussed how we wanted to continue the project this cycle. This session resulted in some changes to the requirements of what constitutes a valid paper cut.

We now accept all trivially fixable usability bugs that the average user would encounter in a default application of Ubuntu or Kubuntu OR in any of the featured applications. This expands the number of possible targets and makes sure that we can also look after parts of the desktop that are not included by default, but which will get a lot of exposure.

We also defined our focus as being on applications and upstreams. Wat this means is that we want the project to be especially for making the applications we ship work great, and that we want to forward our solutions upstream and cooperate with the upstream projects whenever possible. Projects who would like to work together should contact Jorge Castro. Do note that the One Hundred Paper Cuts project is only for applications that are provided in Ubuntu by default, or are recommended in the Software Centre.

More details and guidelines can be found at the One Hundred Paper Cuts project’s wiki page. If, after reading this page, you still have some questions about the project, please don’t hesitate to ask on IRC—in the #ayatana channel—or in a reaction to this blog post.

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