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After the kernel update a few days ago to 2.6.22-13 I restarted and the X server just wouldn’t start up. I tried a lot of things, reconfigured the x server many times, but nothing helped. The weird thing was that I couldn’t find anything in the log files of gdm and Xorg.
Finally I thought I had caused the problem by messing with xorg.conf and some other manual editing, so I installed Feisty again. I wouldn’t lose my data, since I have /home on a different partition. But only alternate CD from Feisty I have is Herd 5, so I would get a lot of updates. I installed it and started to update, immediately to gutsy. But after a restart I got the same problems again. Now I new it was something with Gutsy. Then I finally found something in the log files. I read in syslog that gdm crashed with a sigsev. But when I tried kdm and xdm I got the same problems. And when I looked deeper into the logs I found a sigsev from the gnome-panel, which happened when I started X server with startx in in a tty. When I tried 2.6.20-* I got the same results, and I decided to use feisty again untill the final release. I’ll post something on launchpad tomorrow, or add my experience to an already existing bug report. Unfortunately the log files are lost because of the new installs.

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