Cool Compiz plugin: Scale

I just found out that the Scale plugin of Compiz can do more than just showing all opened windows next to each other: as long as you keep the Super key pressed you can search for the right window by typing.

It is case-sensitive, but apart from that I really like this feature. Go, Compiz devs!

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  1. Thanks for the tip.

    @Vadim if I initiate scale with a keyboard shortcut I have to keep that pressed whilst typing to search. If I initiate with the mouse then I can just type away.

    Either way, a neat feature.

  2. How do you make Compiz + Scale work with just pressing and automatically achieving the same effect as ++Up.

    The toggle works for shift super up, but i just want to use the windows key to activate scale.

    Anyone know?

  3. In the old version of Ubuntu 9.10, i would just press the key, and the compiz Scale Plugin would work and scale my windows.

    I installed the new Ubuntu 11.10, and Fedora 14,15,16 too; but with the compiz scale, I cant figure out how to just scale with pressing . The default of Shift+Super+Up works fine, but I want it just to be .

    Both of the below versions exhibit the same problem. Any ideas?
    myfed14box$ compiz –version
    compiz 0.8.6

    myfed16box$ compiz –version

    Any ideas? Thanks so much.

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