Devhelp PPAs for 2.28 and 2.29

Handling the sync request bug #451864 I was confronted with the fact that the version of Devhelp included in Karmic is outdated. We’re still providing Devhelp 0.23-4, even though the latest stable release in Debian unstable is Devhelp 2.28.1 and upstream has already released 2.29.3. The Ubuntu Sponsors for main have been subscribed.

In order to allow testing of this new version I’ve uploaded both versions to a PPA. Devhelp 2.28.1 is in ppa:qense/devhelp and 2.29.2 — 2.29.3 was a mere version bump –in ppa:qense/devhelp-testing. If you find a bug in the first one, it should be reported against Debian since the only change I made there was adding an entry to the changelog.
For 2.29.2 I copied the ‘debian’-directory from 2.28.1 and removed all patches. Apart from that the only change I made was running ./ before uploading to make sure the necessary files were there.

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