Do something good for the world, adopt a package!

Have you always wanted to do something good for the world, but did you never know what to do? Here is your chance: adopt a package and help making Ubuntu rock where you want it!

Every day a lot of new bugs are reported on Launchpad, adding to the number of open bugs reported against Ubuntu. Currently there are 81259 open bugs in Ubuntu, of which 43775 are in the ‘New’ state. This means that roughly 54% of all open bugs in Ubuntu are not or were barely touched and when this post will have been published the number is already larger. When handling such large numbers of bug even the omnipotent BugSquad can’t keep up. How can we make sure the important bugs don’t get lost in this superabundance of support requests for writing good defect reports?

If you’re working with something — in the case of Adopt-a-Package an application — you like, you’re more productive. If you work on something you can keep an overview of, work is easier. This is what Adopt-a-Package purports. You choose an application you’re familiar with, or particularly fond of, and focus on getting it into shape on Launchpad. What does this mean? A small list:

There are several ways to tackle the adoption. If you would like to adopt something as big as GDM[1] you’ll have a hard time if you’d try to do it all on your own, unless you have a lot of spare time. In such cases it’s better to form an AdoptionTeam and attack the bugs together with some other people. Smaller applications like ‘gedit‘ can be handled by one person, although it largely depends on your personal preferences and the amount of time you’re able or willing to spend on triaging. Of course you could always look for an existing group to join. As a matter of fact, I’m still looking for some more people to help out with Nautilus.

Adopt-a-Package is thoroughly explained on its wiki page, and it is that page you should use as your primary source of information. On this page you find a list of currently adopted applications and applications that we’d really like to see adopted. When you decide to adopt an application, whether you do it with a group or on your own, please check this page first to make sure you’re not duplicating efforts. After you’ve made up your mind about what you’re going to adopt, please add your name and the application to the list and notify the BugSquad maillist.

Are you interested but still have got some questions now you’ve read this? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or drop by in the #ubuntu-bugs IRC channel. Also, in March there will be two sessions about Adopt-an-Upstream in #ubuntu-classroom, one by me at 4 March on 17.00 UTC and one by Jorge Castro at 18 March on 23.oo UTC. You can find them listed in the Ubuntu Classroom schedule.

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