If you are looking for a great way to help improving the usability of Ubuntu and the projects it uses, then the One Hundred Paper Cuts project is something for you! This project was set up to collect bugs reporting small usability issues in the default installation of Ubuntu. The One Hundred Paper Cuts is all about polishing Ubuntu and getting rid of those small, perky issues. Including marvellous projects like the Software Centre and Empathy isn’t enough. If we want to give the users a smooth experience we need to look at the small problems as well.

The definition is this:

“A paper cut is a trivially fixable usability bug that the average user would encounter in default installation of Ubuntu or Kubuntu Desktop Edition.”

The goal is to fix at least 100 paper cuts this cycle. Last cycle we had the same goal, but actually finished 103 — thanks to great upstream participation — and I hope we can break that record for Maverick.

There are ten milestones to which accepted paper cut reports are assigned. Each milestone has a theme.

  • Round 1 File Management: Nautilus;
  • Round 2 Office: Evolution, OpenOffice.org, gedit, etc;
  • Round 3 Social Networking: Empathy, Gwibber;
  • Round 4 Miscellaneous;
  • Round 5 Photo Management: Shotwell;
  • Round 6 Sound and Video: Rhythmbox, Totem, PiTiVi, etc;
  • Round 7 GTK+ and Notify OSD;
  • Round 8 Miscellaneous;
  • Round 9 Software Center: package descriptions;
  • Round 10 Software Center: applications from universe that don’t work.

This set of milestones may change and the lists of bugs assigned to them aren’t final. Please also note that you can only work on paper cuts that are on this list. The milestones are a guideline, but please feel free to work on any paper cut with the status ‘Triaged’, your work will be appreciated! A list of paper cuts with the ‘Triaged’ status.

When you have chosen to fix a paper cut, please make sure you check the upstream bug report if it is there. Once you have fixed a paper cut and have got a patch ready, please attach it to the paper cut bug report and we will be very happy to accept it.

We are also looking for stories. Have you fixed a paper cut? Tell us how you did! Blog about it, or send your story to Jorge Castro or Jono Bacon.

If you want to work on Kubuntu you can find a list of paper cuts by searching for the ‘kde’ tag.

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