Game series, part I: Regnum Online

I often hear people complaining about Linux saying there aren’t any good games for the OS. Although I have to admit there are a lot more and a lot more good games written for Windows, I do think there are some good games for Linux. In this series I’m going to post about a few games to spread their name a bit.
Please keep in mind that these are (mostly) games I play myself. If you think I should have a look at another game or most certainly don not agree with my choice, please leave a comment.

Regnum Online

Regnum Online is a free-to-play MMORPG, developed by the Buenos Aires based NGD Studios, has support for Windows, Linux and Linux 64bit. I’ve been playing the game for quite a long time now and like it, although it certainly can be improved.
The developer generates income with premium items, which should not influence battles.

It is a classical fantasy-medieval MMORPG, there are three ‘realms’ fighting each other.

Hebred fort
Hebred fort

Syrtis is the realm of the elves, half elves and the human race Alturian. Although the lore says it is a woodland, the NPCs are afraid of the forests and even though there are indeed a lot of trees, green plains take the most space. They are portrayed as the just and defend themselves against the Ignis whome they’ve driven away after they started to do nasty magical things with dead people. It is a republic.
Alsius is currently the realm with the lowest population and is the home of dwarves, utghars — a furry terrible snowman like race, referred to as goats — and the human race Nordo. The lands are mountainious and partially covered with snow and pine forests. The lore doesn’t seem to be able to decide whether they fight to expand their empire or just to defend themselves from the other two realms. They got involved in the war when their king was murdered, no one knows who did that.
Ignis is the realm of the bad guys. After they were expelled by the Syrtians they went to the desert and murdered the people who used to live there. Another race joined them and now the ‘dune sea of Ignis’ is home to Dark Elves, Moloks — large humans with tatoos and dreadlocks — and the human race Skelic. They hate Syrtis and their aim is to bring the whole world of Regnum under their control and spread their religion.

Initiation and zones

Syrtian beach in the South.
Syrtian beach in the South.

When you create a new character, up to three are allowed or six with a premium item, you start in the first of the three zones a realm possesses: the Initiation Zone. No enemy should ever be able to come here and the monsters don’t attack you if you don’t hit them. With the help of quests the game mechanisms are explained and you’re introduced to the world. There are two ways of gaining the experience necesarry to obtain another of the 50 levels: killing monsters and doing quests — that most of the times also include killing monsters. Some people would call it a grindfest. It is not that bad, but indeed you have to spent a considerable amount of time killing monsters, a process that can be shortened by buying XP Boosters with real life money.

Fortunately you don’t have to worry about grinding yet at the Initiation Island; most of the time the quests will do. When you’ve reached level 10, which you presumably do quite fast, you get a quest that takes you to the mainland. That’s zone two and only when another realm manages to break the gate of the great wall separating you from the war zone — where everyone can come, the different zones are connected with non-capturable bridges, two to each other realm — enemies can come here.


It is now that you can choose your subclass. But let me explain all the classes at once. When you created your character at the beginning you already had to pick a class.
There are three main classes:

  • Archer
  • Mage
  • Warrior

I think the names are clear enough, but keep in mind warriors have absolutely no range — apart from some spells, more on those later — and that mages rely a lot on mana — more on that later too.

Archers can choose between these subclasses:

  • Hunter
  • Marksman

A hunter can have a pet, can track for enemies, can turn invisible and has a passive speed bonus. However, it can’t do a large amount of damage on itself. The class is very powerful when player right, but it can be frustrating if you’d like to do something fast.

A marksman is mainly focuses on doing damage. Each subclass gets two new spell tabs, mages get three for their subclass, and the two of the marksman are all about doing damage. They also have a range passive.

Mages can choose between these subclasses:

  • Conjurer
  • Warlock

A conjurer is a healer, it can give health, revive people and give mana — essential for casting spells. There is a also a variant nicknamed the warjurer, when a conjurer puts points in Staff Mastery — a general mage discipline — and uses a summon, which is conjurer specific. Not all people like this and frown upon this. They think all conjurers should be dedicated to their true task: healing and support with additional buffs. The conjurer has a bad defense.

A warlock is a damage dealer, it can do tons of damage. However, whereas a marksman has still got a reasonable defense, the defense of a warlock is bad. It has some crowd control spells and spells capable of killing an enemy within seconds. Very powerful, extremely powerful when player right.

My brother at his graduation.
My brother at his graduation.

Warriors can choose between these subclasses:

  • Barbarian
  • Knight

A barbarian is also a damange dealer, its defense isn’t as a strong as a knight, but it can do massive amounts of damage at once and give speed up a group. Also has crowd control spells. If you don’t handle this class when it’s running towards you, you’re as good as dead.

A knight is a defensive type, capable of resisting a lot of damage. It has buffs to protect allies and can do some decent damage as well.


Lets explain something more about the spells I keep talking about.
Next to your base damage, the attacks of your bow, staff or dagger/spear/rapier/mace/etc you can do additional damage or achieve certain affects — like invisbility — by casting spells. Casting spells costs mana, and mana regenerates slowly.
All classes get four tabs with spells when they start and you get two tabs when you pick a subclass. Mages get three.
Each time you gain a new level you get skill points and spell points. You can put points into tabs to gain more spells and with spell points you can improve the effect of spells.

The game has more things, but I won’t write about all of them; you can read a more detailed description at the website:

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  1. You download the client and it downloads all the data in the folder you execute it in. All data takes a little bit less than 1 GB of space if I’m correctly, but it will only download around 600MB normally.

  2. You write that conjurers don’t have a good defense, but most people agreed upon that the conjurer class has one of the strongest defense in-game.

  3. Can you tell a little about spells?i mean which spells you get when you lvl up and put points in tabs.(write their effects 2,plz)

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