Goodbye Evolution

I haven’t used Evolution for long, but I’m already saying goodbye to it. It turns out that some emails disappear. I once looked in the inbox of my address, because I found it suspicious that I hadn’t gotten a new email for a long time and there I found a mail from Launchpad. When I wanted to open it it disappeared, because Evolution was still open. I’ve never seen it again.

If you’ve sent an email to me and haven’t gotten a response yet or you find the mail very important, please resend it. This applies at least to emails sent this morning, yesterday and maybe even earlier.

If you’re doubting, please resend.

Now I’m looking for a new email client. My favourite is Roundcube. It’s a webmail program, currently supporting just IMAP(if I’m right). I wanted to set up two instances, one with my GMail address, which has native IMAP support, and one based on a local IMAP server featuring all the email sent to my address, which is POP3. But I face two problems:

1. How do I import all my emails into an IMAP server?
2. How do I install two instances of Roundcube(I can’t even install one) and an IMAP server?

If you know the answer, please react. I want to install everything on my desktop, since I haven’t got a server. It will probably influence my performance a bit, but I can live with that.

I think Evolution should be marked as beta. It has a lot of bugs and crashes often. It’s just not very stable and I have more problems. Some emails ‘exchanged’ titles in the mail list.

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  1. I believe that you were probably experiencing the corrupted inbox bug (

    With regards to roundcube, just install the “roundcube” package from the repositories, then head to http://localhost/roundcube (or maybe http://localhost/roundcube-webmail).

    Get your gmail to retrieve POP3, then just connect using IMAP to your gmail account – but really if your going to use webmail, then you may as well just stick to gmail rather than installing your own webmail server…

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