GUADEC starting next week

I'm attending GUADEC

As I’m writing this the first activities of GUADEC are already underway: on the schedule overview you can see today and tomorrow there are GNU Hackers’ Meetings in ‘hackerspace’ RevSpace in The Hague. On Monday the BoF sessions will start, as well as the GNOME developer training and the GNOME Open Desktop Day.

But we’ll have to wait until Wednesday for the main conference to start. From Wednesday 27 July 9.30 until Friday 30 July 17.30 the ‘Haagse Hogeschool’ — or ‘The Hague University’, as it like to call itself in English since the use of the English word for ‘university’ is not protected by law — will be filled with people from all over the world attending sessions of all kinds. A quick look at the GUADEC programme reveals a range of different talks: from a more philosophical talk on GNOME, the web, and Freedom to a more practical session about Best Practices in Maintaining Vendor Specific GTK+ Branches to what will probably be an interesting showcase of technology: the State of the GNOME 3 Shell.

There seem to be a lot of topics this year about bringing the web to the GNOME desktop; I’m curious what we’ll see back from that in the next releases of GNOME. There are surely some exciting talks coming up!

You can still attend! If you want to come, Register Now!

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