GUADEC website in Git, using UDStream

For most people 26 July may be far away, but we’re already working hard to make GUADEC 2010 a great success. My small task is maintaining the website, at

It was decided after the last conference that instead of coming up with a new website every year we wanted something that would be reusable for several conferences. Koen Martens set up Open Conference Systems and the great designer Vinicius Depizzol made a beatiful theme for the website.

I’ve been working on maintaining the website, extending the functionality a bit and pushing the code to Git for everyone to access. You can download the code from the guadec-web module at All patches will be considered. We don’t have a product registered in Bugzilla, but of course mails are welcome.

One of the things I’ve been working on was adapting UDStream for use on the GUADEC website. You can see it in action at the ‘Conference lifestream‘ page. I haven’t pushed the code to Git yet, but that’s because I’m also working on integrating OpenStreetMap with the accommodation page.

I’m unsure whether to file a merge request with the changes I’ve done to UDStream. I have to admit that I didn’t change a lot, most of the changes to the theme and changes to the way the JavaScript is included in the HTML file. Does anyone know whether UDStream is going to be used again during the upcoming UDS in Brussels?

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