Gwibber on 9.04

For some time the Jabber bot was well enough for my account, but recently I’ve become a bit more active on Twitter too. I’ve also got an account on Digg and a Facebook profile. It is hard to keep track of them all. I wanted something that would allow me to manage them at one place.

Gwibber makes it very easy for you to keep an eye on all of them. It is now included in 9.04, jaunty, but can’t be installed because of a dependency error.
The package python-webkitgtk still required python <2.6, which doesn’t work in the upcoming release of Ubuntu. This is reported in LP #328576 and could already fixed while you’re reading this blog post. The new version of pywebkitgtk, the source package for the dependency of Gwibber, has already been built by Launchad and is currently waiting to be synced with the archives. I already saw the .dsc file in the pool.

Because I couldn’t wait to use the program I’ve installed it from its PPA. It is exactly the same version that is included with 9.04.

The program works actually quite good and already adheres to the new notification system, new dents, tweets, shouts and status updates are queued and displayed one by one after Gwibber has checked for new.
Other things you can let it do for you are automatically updating your status in Pidgin and listening the dents or tweets of a particular hashtag. That’s really nice. Just click on a tag and a new tab opens.

Like I said before, I’ve got an account at both and Twitter. I don’t want to have to send my microblags twice, so automatically sends them to Twitter too. That means there are two entries for the same dent/tweet. Other people are doing this too, so you would expect the list of the latest messages to be a mess with all those duplicates. Fortunately, Gwibber nests messages that are the same. This is the result:

Gwibber, duplicate messageGwibber, duplicate message unfolded

Gwibber makes it much easier for me to follow what’s happening online. Although the Jabber bot also works, the way Gwibbers presents you the messages, the notifications and the support for multiple sites make it a very good application. Rock on, Gwibber developers!

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