HCC!Regiodag report

Last Saturday there was the HCC!Regiodag (Region Day) for the North of the Netherlands in the town of Drachten. Next to a gaming, Bible & PC, C, Commodore this computer and electronics hobby club also has a Linux group. Nowadays no conferention is complete without a Linux stand and Ubuntu NL was asked if they wanted to help.

We got a reasonable large group, about 10+ people and a conference pack from Canonical gave us some material. A pitty the leaflets were in English, so not all people were confortable reading them, but thanks to Maarten of OS4Free we didn’t only have Dutch leaflets, but also two demo computers — on a nice demo table! — and a barebone which was used to display a loop of FOSS-related movies on a beamer, in fact the largest beamer of the whole room!

Unfortunately the CD’s that were sent to us were still in Lelystad, so the only CD’s we had were self-made and the four official I took with me — apparantly I was the only one that already had the CD’s, not anymore though.

We had a lot of room, in fact we had one of the largest stands: a rectangular table for showing some stuff and helping with problems and installation and two round tables for showing stuff — one was largely focussed on technologies for disabled, Linux seems to lead here. In the morning we had to share one round table with a person showing Windows 7.

The CD’s were popular and I think we gave about 30+ away, even one to the tech support table. Unfortunately the lecture about installing Ubuntu next to Windows wasn’t very popular, but that was compensated by the many people turning off the offer of a free CD because they already had installed Ubuntu.

At our stand we installed Ubuntu about three times. This went without problems although the Dutch translation doesn’t seem to get fully installed at all occasions. This isn’t new though.

Some pictures, thanks to ‘mr Gee’ and ‘Reekje’ for making and uploading them.

More pictures can be found here and here.

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