I really am still working on Ubuntu Wanted

Maybe you were wondering what happened to the Ubuntu Wanted project you heard me so often about the last few months. It didn’t stop, even though some thought it did.

The reason why you didn’t hear much of me was that school was consuming a lot of my time. Even though I did have a holiday, I didn’t have much time to spend on the project. Next to that I had problems with reinstalling Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex, which turned out to be caused by a badly burned CD.
Overall, UW didn’t got as much attention as it deserved and should have gotten. The theme MadsRH created from the original Brainstorm theme hasn’t been applied yet and the promised task-admin-queue hasn’t been committed to the Bazaar repository.

This is currently the rough planning for UW: first I want to finally finish the admin queue, resulting in a system that theoretically could work.

After that the ‘browsing experience’ needs to be improved, which I first want to do by creating overview pages for each skill. These pages are going to have three lists, for each level of experience. Under these lists there can be a link with the text ‘more…’, pointing to a page with just tasks of that level of experience.

When that’s done I can have a look at the theme and the improvement Hugh Brant suggested. But I’m not sure if I’ll give that a higher priority than a search function, which seems quite important to me.

I can’t give a real ETA for all parts of UW, although I estimate that the admin queue is going to be finished in the weekend — if nothing unexpected is going to happen. I just have a rough planning in my head.

If you are interested in helping out, either by suggestions(is there a usuabillity expert around?) or coding and theming, you’re very welcome. Just send a mail to the ubuntu-website mailinglist, come to #ubuntu-website @ Freenode, or contact me.

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