Idea #16941: New Features workflow-site

At the lastday of 2008 I submitted another idea at Brainstorm. This one is suggesting something that could make including new programs, features and the likes a lot easier.

What is it?

A website where new features, programs, etc are collected. It shows an overview of all parts of the project within the Ubuntu ecosphere.

What does it do?

  • List the branches and shows their status
  • List the Launchpad specification(s) and its/their status(es)
  • List the required packages — even if they’re not created yet — and shows their status
  • Register the necessary entries in the QA test tracker and watch the progress of the testing
  • Show the contributors and list their responsibilities
  • Link to/include the wiki page of the specification
  • Show the due date and warn the contributors when they’re too late
  • Support dependencies: e.g. when person X needs to wait until package Z has been packaged by person Y, he gets an email as soon as person Y has done his/her part

If you like the idea, please vote for it! If you’ve got feedback, please comment. Thanks.

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