Idea #17084: Global writable directory

Something I find irritating is that my favourite MMORPG Regnum Online has to be ‘installed’ inside a directory inside my home directory because the client NEEDS to update the resources regularry, and for that, of course, my user needs writing permissions. However, if I want to let another user play it, I have to chmod the directory to 777, make sure my home dir can be read by all other users and create a symlink inside to other user’s home directory.

What if there would be a central directory for all system-writable stuff. Not only game resources, but also themes and extensions for programs like Pidgin. This way everyone can access resources that else would be duplicated.

Of course these contents should be handled with care and i’s probably not suitable for all programs. There shouldn’t be any executables in that directory.
However, I do think it could improve certain programs a lot AND would make Linux a little bit more attractable for the large — yes, maybe closed too — companies and game developers.

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  1. This is simple, just install to /usr/share/myGame and then chmod /usr/share/myGame to give all users access.

    Furthermore you could use the games group and set /usr/share/myGame to be owned by root:game and the permissions to 775 and add any users to the game group.

    Either way is trivial without having to share out your home directory.

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