Idea: Integrate Harvest and Ohcount in Launchpad

Idea #11282: Integrate Harvest and Ohcount in Launchpad

After I read an maillist entry from dholbach and the blog post it was pointing to(The Harvest Season has begun!) I thought again of an idea I already wanted to add to Brainstorm before, but never did. The idea was to integrate the program ohcount used at Ohloh to analyse projects.

Keeping your project in good shape is vital for the results. But in order to do that, you have to be able to keep track of the shape. Currently Launchpad doesn’t provide a tool to do so. The Ubuntu QA team uses several homebrew tools to do so, but it would be beter if this would be integrated within Launchpad and be available to projects outside Ubuntu. When Harvest would be added next to ohloh, keeping track of bugs and patches would be made a lot easier, so submitted patches won’t lie around for decades before someone has a look at them.

The functionality of both projects could help project managers and contributors a lot when they need information and I think that the quality of code could really improve.

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