Indicator Application PPA for Karmic, this evening UODW session on AppInd

UPDATE: I made a mistake. You actually want to use ppa:indicator-applet-developers/indicator-core-ppa and not my PPA since that causes dependency problems with the other indicators.

Are you still out there, lone Ubuntu Karmic user? You must feel quite deserted with all the awesomeness and shiny new stuff that draws everyone’s attention to Ubuntu 10.04 ‘Lucid Lynx’. I hope you can forgive us.

To make up for the lack of attention I decided to provide Indicator Application for Ubuntu Karmic. I’ve changed two dependencies in Indicator Application’s control file — back in Karmic we were still providing some pkg-config (.pc) files for Mono assemblies in their main package rather than in separate ‘-dev’ packages — and uploaded it for Karmic to a PPA: ppa:qense/appind-karmic.
If you want to add it you can add ‘ppa:qense/appind-karmic’ to your Software Sources in System->Manage->Software Properties=>Other Software=>Add and download the archive’s GPG key, or use the command sudo add-apt-repository ppa:qense/appind-karmic.

WARNING: I haven’t tested if it works, I just made sure it built correctly. Be careful and please report all problems here and not on Launchpad since Ubuntu Karmic isn’t supposed to run the Indicator Application.

Also make sure to reload your Indicator Applet after you’ve updated to make the service load.

Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week

OK, I admit it, I lied to you. I didn’t provide the PPA just to please those poor Karmic users. As you may already have seen in Jono’s blog post containing today’s UODW schedule — complete schedule at the wiki — I’ll be giving a session about using Indicator Application in your application at 19.00 UTC this evening. Because a lot of people are obviously still using Ubuntu 9.10 ‘Karmic Koala’ I wanted to provide a way for them to try it out without having to upgrade.

If you’re going to attend, are using Karmic and would like to see AppIndidcator in action on your computer, you can use this PPA to do that. If you’ve got any question, please don’t hesitate to ask here, on this website, or at IRC in #ayatana on Freenode; I’m ‘qense’ there.

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  1. Hi

    I have tried and installed the indicator-app from your ppa but KArmic wants in uninstall ubuntu-desktop.
    I have let it do this, but then when I logoff and log back in my indicator-session is missing.

    Am i missing something here.



    1. I’m sorry, my PPA was never fit for use on Karmic. I forgot about other applications that depend on older versions of a library I pushed a newer version of to the PPA.
      If you want to try out Indicator Application you need ppa:indicator-applet-developers/indicator-core-ppa instead.

      I would recommend you to try to reinstall the ubuntu-desktop package and the indicator-session applet first.

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