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Hello! I’m Sense Hofstede. Yesterday I was approved as an Ubuntu Member during the Ubuntu Membership EMEA regional approval board meeting. I’m very happy and the support I received was heart-warming. You may not know me, so let me introduce myself first.


Most people know me as a member of the Ubuntu Bug Control team, which I fist applied to in 2006, first joined in 2007 and then rejoined in 2008. That last year was the year I started to really contribute significantly to Ubuntu and slowly started to show my face at more and more different places. I’m a bug triager, foster-parent of Nautilus, and a Brainstorm Idea Reviewer.

Ubuntu Wanted is also a project I’ve started, but it’s really behind schedule for something that was discussed during UDS-J in Barcelona. I apologise for that; the Drupal module just grew too big and Launchpad integration was too hard for it to become something satisfying. However, I’ve restarted the project and am currently working on writing an implementation with Django when I’ve got some time on my hands. The code can be found in lp:ubuntu-wanted, but please bear in mind that I’ve already got something completely different on my own work-station. However, I wait with committing it until it works and doesn’t throw errors with everything you do. At the moment most work is going into writing Django Middleware that injects a connected and authenticated Launchpad object in the request object.

As you can see on the Classroom wiki-page there are two sessions planned about Adopt-an-Upstream; I will do the first at 4 March and Jorge Castro will do the second at 18 March. If you’re interested in working on a specific area or with a certain upstream, but would like to know more about it: come to the session!

In spite of what (too) many people seem to think, is my first name not English nor a nickname. My full name is Sense Egbert Hofstede, but I usually just use Sense Hofstede, which should be pronounced like this: [ˈsɛn.sə ˈɦɔf.steːdə]. The first name derived from the Germanic derivation Sint and changed via Sent and Sens to Sense. It means ‘sent’. My last name is the Dutch word for ‘homestead’. I’m the sixth Sense of the family, ‘Sense’ is common in my progeny.

My first name is often already taken whenever I need to pick a nickname, so in the end of 2005 I came up with ‘qense’. It’s close to my real name, but since the first letter is replaced with a not-so-common letter  usually available. At least it’s not used as the name for graphical interfaces, sexual education campaigns, margarine, companies, charities or bands.

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