IRC Meeting Ubuntu Wanted: notes on previous and upcoming

Yesterday we held a meeting about Ubuntu Wanted at
#ubuntu-website at 19.00 UTC. During this meeting we divided the tasks between people
who were there and explained how things work to people who weren’t
familiar yet with installing the module and Drupal in a way that keeps
the branch clean and empty of unnecessary code.

Here a list of people and the tasks they were assigned to:
Dipatanu(Couldn’t find the real name. Could you apply to the
ubuntu-wanted-dev team, please?): Task submission page
Nicolas Deschildre(nand): Hosting
Sense Hofstede(qense): Task display enhancement, in lists and separate
on their own page, and the application submit form.
Jesper Jarlskov(jarlen): Administration functions

Another meeting will be held at Tuesday September the 2nd at 19.00 UTC.

If you want to see our progress, have a look at This host automatically uses the latest revision in the development branch(lp:~ubuntu-wanted-dev/ubuntu-wanted/devel), thanks to nand. You have to be a member of the ubuntu-wanted-dev team in order to be able to commit. Would you like to help? Please contact me or nand. We’re often at #ubuntu-website @ freenode.

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