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Some of you are already on, a website that imports code repositories for projects and analyses it. You can register an account to collect all your commits and get a nice overview of your experience.

When code is imported all contributors are not coupled to registered accounts by default, you need to manually claim a contributor’s role. Our beloved bot Launchpad Code Hosting frequently appeared in the list of contributors, but always remained unclaimed. I thought it would be interesting to collect all work the poor bot has been doing day in day out, night in night out.

I registered an account under the name ‘Launchpad Code Hosting‘ and claimed all contributors with the same name. Ohloh hasn’t updated the overview yet, but in time we will be able to see how much experience the bot has and how many that’s worth in dollars.

You can find the account at

It seems that Ohloh stops checking Bazaar branches after a while and that the import then keeps failing. It could be that the statistics are affected by this.

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