Monday: first day on #GUADEC in The Hague

GNOME Banner hanging in the foyer of the Haagse Hogeschool
The famous GNOME banner in the foyer of the Haagse Hogeschool, as seen from next to the registration desk.

Today we kicked off the pre-conference of GUADEC 2010 with the GNOME Open Desktop Day and several interesting BoFs. (None of which I attended.) However, for the organisation it was also the day everything came together: the hard work to prepare the conference now really resulted into something physical: all the enthusiastic attendees already swarming the place! Also, we spent the day setting up things and finishing the last preparations. The main conference will only start Wednesday, so there is still one day left before it starts!

Sand sculptures near the Binnenhof in The Hague
These sand sculptures were located near the 'Binnenhof', the Dutch political centre, portraying famous (Dutch) paintings.

The whole morning — and, I have to admit, part of the afternoon — was spent trying to get the registration system up and running. The most problems were caused by the printer and the templates for the badges, but the first few hours were spent on getting the scanner to work. If you haven’t registered yet, you should be able to do so tomorrow. If you have been able to register already, but didn’t receive the GUADEC 2010 USB stick, please be aware you can get one at the registration desk.

The network guys (Yes, indeed I’ve only seen guys in ‘Central Command’ so far.) are doing a terrific job considering the limited time they had to prepare the whole network and the fact that this whole week the IT staff from the Haagse Hogeschool seems to be on holiday (timing!). Tomorrow the wireless network should reach its full capacity.
There are two different networks available: GUADEC-2.4 and GUADEC-5. The number in the name corresponds to the frequency of the network: GUADEC-2.4 is 2.4 GHz, GUADEC-5 is 5 GHz. The latter is the fast and everyone who can is asked to connect to GUADEC-5 because it is faster (and has got more capacity?). However, not all wireless cards can use the newer 5 GHz frequency, they can use the GUADEC-2.4 network and are probably not even able to see the other.

In front of the visitors building of Madurodam, shaped like a wave between two dikes.
The Monday evening trip of GUADEC 2010 was to Madurodam by night. This is a park of miniature buildings and structures from the whole of the Netherlands.

This evening was the trip to ‘Madurodam’, the smallest town of the Netherlands where you can see the most famous buildings of the country on a 1:25 scale. There is no need to go to the rest of the country anymore, apart for the nature and the (water) sports and other activities! We went with a nice group using tram line 9 — you’ll probably want to take that line to the Collabora Beach Party as well — in the evening, which gave a nice view of the models with the lights. The night ended with an impressive lightshow using video projectors, laser lights and smoke and water to project on, as well as a regular type of projection screen.

A tip: if you want to follow what’s going on at GUADEC, take a look at the (JavaScript-heavy) Social Media Livestream! (Yes, that is an adapted version of UDStream. I’ll probably see what code would be valuable to contribute back ‘upstream’ from GNOME to Ubuntu after the conference.)

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