Movement of email client: GMail

If you’re Dutch and know me there is a change you’ve heard of my gmail address. I used to use it only for private and Dutch mail conversations. However, I found it a bit weird to use the most powerful tool for the less used email address.
I use my address a lot more often and not being able to access it from anywhere is something that has annoyed me for a long time.

While browsing the internet for tools to integrate GMail better with Thunderbird I got the idea that it could be even better to move all my emails to GMail and just use the web interface as email client. GMail also allows you to retrieve mails from another POP3 email address and send it using that email address as ‘From:’.

Now I’ve moved my complete archive to GMail and am using my address for all emails I send. This gives me much more flexibility and one address less to give to other people when they want to contact me. I did have a small problem with moving my 3500 archived emails in an Thunderbird folder to GMail, it got interupted at 2000, so I’m afraid I could have some double mails.

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