Friday evening I got an MP3 player from my mother for Sinterklaas(the Dutch equivalent of the Santa Claus).
I chose a Samsung YP-T10. It is quite new and has a great design. It’s able to play mp3’s, video’s and show pictures. You can also listen to FM radio and it has bluetooth support. The screen is 2″ and supports a resolution of 320×240.  It supports only two video formats unfortunately and is very strict. Yuu ahve to have these: SVI (MPEG4, MP3 @ 44.1kHz, 128Kbps) and WMV9 SP 320×240 @ 30FPS, otherwise it won’t work. I heard you can use ogg too for audio, but I haven’t tried yet.  For transferring files it uses Microsoft’s MTP, and because it’s a new it wasn’t supported in the 0.2.1 version Ubuntu gives in the Gutsy repositories. After a lot of trial and error I downloaded the 0.2.4 version from the Hardy repositories(which has already the newest version) and installed it alongside the old version(it couldn’t replace it nor could the old be removed, since some programs I want to use depend on it). After that I added ‘-bak’ after each old library in /usr/lib and created symlinks to the new one with the old names. Unfortunately Amarok and Rhythmbox still didn’t recognize the player. I downloaded and compiled the program mtpsync, but after I started it, selected the right directories and pressed sync it started to delete all music files that weren’t on the player. I killed to proces before it could remove all my music, but still quite some were gone. Also some other files disappeared and I still don’t get how. The device was clean, the videos which were added in factory were also gone. Then I found out that I had to add the files I wanted to ‘implement’ in the sync process. So after I got the program to detect the player(a lot of unplugging and replugging) I pressed refresh and the music came in a list, the new ones which question marks in front of their names. I pressed the ‘All from local’ button and all the new songs from my computer were added to the transfer list. Now when I pressed sync everything worked smoothly. Only the Album Art wasn’t copied.

I like the player very much, the guide says I can listen for 30 hours music before I have to reload it. Unfortunately that has to be done with an USB cable and computer and takes three hours. The sound quality is great, although I’m not an expert in that things. The screen looks great and is very bright, which can be adjusted.

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