My goals for the Natty cycle

It is now two weeks after UDS in Orlando and the test week at school ended yesterday, so I now have time again to plan for the Natty cycle. Previous cycles I’ve been very unfocused and I did a lot of small, different things. This cycle I want to focus and to help me with that I would like to blog about the goals I set for myself.

This cycle I will probably be giving most of my attention to my role of LoCo Contact for Ubuntu NL, which I assumed Saturday 30 October 2010, while waiting for my plane in the Caribe Royale lobby. I aim to strengthen the structure of the LoCo, making sure we finally get a clear organisation and can act decisively.

That is my most important goal, but there are more. I want to work together with Vish to make sure the One Hundred Paper Cuts project will be a success for Natty, just like it has been for the past few cycles.

The Bug Squad Mentorship programme will see some experimenting to test ways to improve this vital project. It is my goal to help to make the programme ready for starting to deliver good new triagers to the Ubuntu community.

My last goal is to contribute more to the Ayatana project, especially to Unity and to help Unity Places gain traction. I’m not exactly sure how I will contribute to Unity, but it is a great, fun way to learn something new.

These are my main goals and this is what I will be focussing on. I will probably do something to previous areas I contributed to, but not as much as I used to. Since this is my last year in secondary school, I have less time to spend and I also want to spread my contributions not as thin as before.

In half a year I will review my goals and see if I succeeded!

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