New theme, archive overview, shoutbox and more

I’I wasn’t very happy with the previous theme. Although it was a very nice looking one, I prefer a calmer theme that allows you to place more widgets in the sidebar.

Today I finally made some time free to have a look at the blog and decided to switch to the Mini theme. I really like the clean look and the three sidebars. The icons that are a part of this theme look much better than the previous ones.

Since I had more space in my sidebars I went looking for some more widgets. Next to some additions to the side panel I also installed some other plugins I stumbled upon. Here a list with a small description:

  • Snazzy Archives, a plugin that creates a nice overview page of your archive. You can find it in the menu at the top of the page under Archive Overview.
  • AJAX Shoutbox(aka Pierre’s WordSprew), the widget you can see at your right is indeed a shoutbox. Leave a message if you feel like!
  • Live Blogroll, a plugin that shows the first parts of the posts on the blogs you link to when you hover over their names.Try it at the blogroll in the right sidebar.
  • SEO Friendly Images, a plugin that adds and sometimes enhances both the alt and title attributes of images to make them XHTML Strict valid and improve the readability for search engines.

I’m curious to your opinions. What do you think of the new theme? Do you like the new plugins? Please leave a comment or a message in the shoutbox.

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