Ogg on your music player with Banshee

Lately my Samsung T10 mp3 music player was finally repaired and working again. After I removed some music it started to freeze at start-up.
At the shop they replaced the firmware and now everything is fine again. The player supports OGG, so I’d like to use that format now there is a possibility.

When I was adding my music to the player again I noticed a nice function in Banshee: press with the right mouse button at the music player’s entry and you can select the type of music file you want. Select OGG and all files you copy to the player will automatically be converted. Now you’re finally able to easily !

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  1. You should keep an eye on your battery life now. My iPod had an mp3-coprocessor. With iPodlinux/Rockbox i too could play OGG, wich consumed a load more power than playing mp3s.

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