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When I was registering myself at the Linux Counter I discovered that I’ve still got an account there. So I’m registered double. Well, Linux Counter says that old accounts are deleted after 2 years of inactivity so I’ll just wait. 🙂

But something else I discovered over there was that an old site I’ve made still exists. It can be found at http://dhost.info/calculat/. It’s not the ‘latest’ version, but I think it’s the last copy of the code that’s still exists. I lost the local copy a while ago when I accidentiatly deleted my website directory but noticed it only when it was already too late. But a problem is that I’ve forgotten the password and username. I think the username is calculat, but I all passwords I can think of don’t work. And I don’t know if the email address I used for registering still works. I’ve requested a reset of my password, but I can’t read it yet, since I don’t have access to that email address. I’ll first have to find access to the old email. I hope GMail keeps them, otherwise I’ve lost the code. That would be a pitty, because I think the code could be of some use. We’ll see.

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