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I’m going to be unable to a normal ammount of work on the internet. I’m very busy with school at the moment(school theatre, school camp, CUC FCE exams, exchange with another grammar school in Leer, Germany and school camp), so I won’t triage many bugs, or work on Project Paragon. I’m also asked to create some mock-ups for the design of the school website and I want to finish it, it shouldn’t need much work and there is a lot of complaining about the current style and I don’t want the school management to choose for the ugly and Windows bounded Magister WEB Panel! Their information catalogue sounds like an advertisement for Microsoft: “With Silverlight we can create excellent things!” and “Now with Office 2007 looks!”. Like that’s a compliment. 😉

Anyway, you’ll see even less of me than you already see now. I don’t have an IRC client installed at my Windows installation, which I’m still using because bug #231159 isn’t fixed yet. It did got confirmed and the status High from Iulian(thank you!), so it should appear sooner or later in front of some kernel people, but it hasn’t happened yet.
Meanwhile I’ve installed The GIMP, using the advantage Windows gives: games and am very, very happy with the opensource driver for ext2/3 which allows me to access my data. I hope to be fully back real soon!

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