Public service announcement: identification changed

After having used the nick ‘qense’ for more than four years I feel it is time for a change towards a more professional naming. I’m moving away from the Q towards a series of real-name-inspired nicks.

Fortunately, after a tip from someone on IRC I had already managed to get hold of the ‘sense’ nickname on Freenode. Despite the fact that now I have to cope with everything that makes sense on Freenode, I’ve decided to move mostly towards the nickname ‘sense’. There is a pending request on Launchpad from me to get the person who’s currently using ‘sense’ robbed of his nickname (inactive since registration), and I’ve already moved my wiki page from Qense to .

In case ‘sense’ isn’t available, like on Twitter, I moved to ‘sehof’. On I’m also using the same username for the sake of consistency. On social networks, where the length of the username doesn’t matter, I am now using ‘sensehofstede’.


  • Mostly: sense
  • Twitter and sehof


I’ve also registered a new domain name: , and set my blog over. The new theme is completely own work, and a bit of an experiment. It’s still very much Work-In-Progress, and any feedback would be very welcome. I’m keeping the ‘’ domain name, but it redirects to the new domain name.

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