Resigned as bug triager

I’ve decided to leave the Ubuntu BugControl team. I felt that I didn’t do enough work and that the work I did do wasn’t of such a high quality. I also didn’t enjoy the ‘work’ very much. I’m finishing the bugs I’m currently working on, but that will stop soon.

I also cleaned my Launchpad account a bit and resigned from several other teams including ‘python’ and ‘ubuntu-youth’. At the moment I’m not a member of any Ubuntu team except for the Ubuntu NL team, but I’m not very active in that team either. I’m still looking for other things in the Ubuntu community that fit me better, although I’m not completely sure I’m going to stay within the community.

I don’t think the people that read my blog will notice a large difference, since I’ve almost always blogged about other things than the things I just resigned from and will stay active at Ubuntu Brainstorm.

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